This revolutionary non-surgical treatment is providing some amazing instant results with minimal downtime compared with the more invasive surgical options that currently provide similar outcomes.   The treatment is a huge leap forward in anti-wrinkle technology.

“In just one treatment the skin around the eyes is instantly tightened leaving the client with permanent bright eyed and youthful look”

The treatment works by shortening the skin fibres, visibly lifting the skin.  No knives, no surgery.

The treatment area is anaesthetised prior to treatment commencement, with a single treatment taking around 30-45 minutes.   Post treatment there will be some swelling for the first couple of days, crusting will disappear at around 7 days during the healing process,  with slight redness continuing for up to 3 weeks.

“You will be left with smoother skin which is tighter with reduced skin sagging”

We are taking appointments now in Kent and Sussex.   Book for April and receive a special introductory discount.


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